Set easy & trackable goals

No more handwritten notes or lost spreadsheets! 

Line managers can set easily trackable goals and track the progress of their employees to help with continuous professional improvement. 

Get rid of the guesswork

The performance management feature allows you to easily score the goals of each employee and to track progress across the company, making it both seamless and easy for line managers and employees to reach their goals.

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We would often end up paying fines for late visa renewals, relying on managers to keep track was causing problems for us, which could be avoided with the right system in place

Sharika Harbhajun
HR Manager, Two Oceans


The whole user experience is really good and simple.
I don’t have to train anyone on how to use it.

Preeti Gandhi
HR Manager, Eyewa


Since implementing Attendance through Bayzat our tracking process has become much more efficient. It’s so easy for employees to check in for their shift, simply using their phone. Plus, it gives managers insight into which employees are present for their shifts

Gelato Cafe

Why our customers love Bayzat

Level up performance feedback

Line managers can set up frequent conversations with their team members to facilitate more efficient feedback and one-to-ones, allowing for greater collaboration and focus on personal and career development.


Track your employees' performance in a simple and easy way:

 ✔ Set achievable and trackable goals for your employees easily.

✔ Seamlessly track your employees' progress and their goals, whatever they may be.

✔ Give your employees a boost by providing timely feedback to keep them on-track.